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Open Educational Resources Collective Publishing Workflow

Publish in Pressbooks

Once you’re ready to publish your textbook, you’ll need to work through the tasks listed below. 

Adding Contributors in Pressbooks

Before filling out the Book Info page, you’ll need to add the names of everyone who contributed to your textbook. This list can include:

  • authors
  • editors
  • reviewers
  • designers or illustrators
  • translators
  • other contributors.  

Filling Out Book Information in Pressbooks

The Book Info page is where you enter all the information about your textbook. This includes details such as:

You can read more about each field on the Book Info page below:

Exporting Book Files in Pressbooks

Once you’ve finished filling out the information about your textbook, you can export the book files to all download formats including:

Making Your Textbook Public in Pressbooks

After you’ve exported the files, you’ll need to make your textbook public by changing the global privacy settings in Pressbooks from ‘Private’ to ‘Public’.

You can do this by selecting the ‘Public’ radio button in the Organize tab on the left dashboard menu.

Organising Print on Demand Copies

Some students and instructors may prefer to use a physical, bound version of your textbook. Print on demand services allow you to print copies of your textbook as needed, without the expense or potential waste of a large print run.

You can arrange to make print on demand copies of your textbook available through:

  • your university bookstore
  • an online print on demand or self-publishing service (e.g. Amazon).

If you can, it’s best to use a service located in your country to avoid issues such as: price confusion due to differences in currencies international shipping costs and delays duties and fees related to customs and processing.

While most publishers charge for print on demand copies of open textbooks, prices are usually set for cost recovery only. The costs involved in printing open textbooks vary depending on:

  • number of pages
  • black and white or colour
  • softcover or hardcover
  • shipping and handling costs.

Create Book Cover provides advice on designing print on demand covers.

For more detailed advice about setting up a print on demand service for open textbooks, see the BCcampus Open Education Print-on-Demand Guide


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