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Open Educational Resources Collective Publishing Workflow

Submit Request to Authorise Publication

Requesting Approval to Publish Your Open Textbook

Depending on your university’s process, once you’re ready to start sharing your textbook, you may need to send the delegate responsible for approving publication (e.g. your library director or university librarian) a request to publish.

This should be a brief email summarising key details of the project, with a link to where the approving delegate can view your completed textbook.

For example:

Dear [Authoriser’s name],

I am writing to request permission to publish ‘[book title]’ by [authors]. You can access the textbook via: [book link].

[In the next paragraph, include information you want to highlight about the project, including grants or funding received.]

[Project manager/author] has provided the following summary:


This work, [book title], is a derivative of [book title] by [author], under a [Creative Commons licence]. Each chapter is written by experts in the field. The [organisation] staff that contributed to a chapter are:

  • [Authors’ names].

Additionally, collaboration with other higher education institutions and industry bodies was also undertaken, with the following people also contributing to chapters:

  • [Author - organisation].

The project team [notable details such as research undertaken for the textbook].

Peer Review

[Describe the peer review process.]

  • [List reviewers if not anonymous]


The work in this text has undergone copyright compliance checks as part of the standard workflow processes. The copyright of each chapter is attached [attach a copy of your copyright spreadsheet or OER Tracker]. Permission was sought for content from: [List organisations].

Book Release and Engagement

The authors are hoping for the book to be published [date – e.g. as soon as possible] so they can promote before [event – e.g. Semester 1].

Thank you for your assistance.

[Requestor’s sign-off and signature]

Once you’ve received any necessary approvals, you can start the publishing process!