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Open Educational Resources Collective Publishing Workflow

About the OER Collective Workflow Guide

The CAUL OER Collective Publishing Workflow was created by the CAUL OER Collective Project Team, comprising representatives of the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) and 12 Australian and New Zealand member universities.

The following people were involved in developing the Workflow:

  • Tahnee Pearse, University of Southern Queensland – Project Lead 
  • Samara Rowling, Freelance Editor & Publishing Consultant – Author
  • Cintamani Brown, Southern Cross University – Reviewer
  • Chloe Czerwiec, University of Western Australia – Reviewer
  • Anna Duchesne, University of New England – Reviewer
  • Richard Levy, University of South Australia – Reviewer
  • Jane Norton, Charles Sturt University – Reviewer
  • Craig Patterson, Deakin University – Reviewer
  • Frank Ponte, RMIT University – Reviewer
  • Jaime Royals, University of Adelaide – Reviewer
  • Ashley Sutherland, University of Melbourne – Reviewer
  • Fiona Tyson, University of Canterbury – Reviewer.

Development Process

The CAUL OER Collective was established in 2021 to support open textbook publishing in Australia and New Zealand by providing a shared publishing platform and building community and capacity across CAUL member institutions.

In 2022, the Project Team developed the CAUL OER Collective Publishing Workflow to help meet the Collective’s goal of providing access to open textbook publishing guides and templates tailored to the local context. The Workflow consists of practical advice for authors and library staff on over 60 topics, organised across the seven stages of the open textbook publishing life cycle.

Workflow content was planned by the Project Team and developed by Samara Rowling, in consultation with Kate Davis (Director, Strategy & Analytics, CAUL) and Tahnee Pearse, before being reviewed by the Project Team as a whole.


The CAUL OER Collective Publishing Workflow was published in March 2022. All information is current at the time of publication.

Issues and Enhancements

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