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Open Educational Resources Collective Publishing Workflow

Find Open Textbooks to Adopt or Adapt

If you’re not sure how to find the right open textbook for your course, your Liaison or Discipline Librarian can help.

Below is a list of websites and online search tools you can use to get started.

Search Large OER and Open Textbook Collections 

You can use this tool to search of 22 different sources of OER simultaneously in real time.

OASIS searches open content from over 100 different sources and contains over 400,000 records.

MERLOT Smart Search provides access to over 97,000 learning resources, including the MERLOT Collection. You can filter results by ‘Has a Creative Commons license’ to see only Creative Commons materials.

DOAB indexes and provides access to over 49,000 peer reviewed open access books from over 600 different publishers.

OER Commons is a free digital library of over 50,000 OER.

International Open Textbook Collections 

Open Textbook Library is a comprehensive source of almost 1,000 open textbooks from around the world, many of which are peer reviewed.

An index of more than 3,000 open textbooks published in Pressbooks across over 100 networks. You can clone these books directly into your platform to edit or adapt.

OpenStax publishes high-quality, peer reviewed open textbooks. These texts are updated regularly and many come with ancillary resources such as slides and test banks.

BCCampus have published a large selection of open textbooks on a wide range of subjects. More than a third of these have been peer reviewed and many include ancillary material such as quizzes and videos.

MIT has made most content from over 2,500 courses available for free online, including audio, video, textbooks and supplementary material.

Previously known as ‘Open SUNY Textbooks’, Milne Open Textbooks is a catalogue of high-quality and peer reviewed open textbooks.

USQ Library has curated 11 collections of open textbooks from a range of disciplines including creative arts, education, business, engineering, health, science, law and information technology.

Australian Open Textbook Collections 

The Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) OER Collective Pressbooks library.

Australia’s first open access university press has published peer reviewed books and textbooks on a range of topics including Asia and Pacific studies, Australian politics, humanities, arts, Indigenous studies and science.

Sydney Open Library hosts open access academic books and textbooks published by Sydney University Press on subjects across the humanities and social sciences.

Although this press stopped operating in 2018, their collection of open access books is still available for download from their website.

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has published open access books on a range of topics including arts, education, history and science.

La Trobe University’s La Trobe eBureau publishes high-quality, peer reviewed open textbooks that support online and blended learning.

RMIT Library’s collection of OER and open textbooks, including some created by RMIT University academics. See also the RMIT Open Press platform.

The University of Queensland’s Pressbooks library.

Queensland University of Technology’s Pressbooks library.

Charles Darwin University’s Pressbooks library.

Charles Sturt University’s Pressbooks library.

James Cook University’s Pressbooks library.

The University of Southern Queensland’s Pressbooks library.

Western Sydney University’s Pressbooks library.