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Read & Publish Agreements Negotiated by CAUL


Capped agreement approval statistics

Approval and rejection statistics for capped agreements negotiated by CAUL are provided below to support institutions with monitoring the status of the caps. As the predicted date the cap will be exceeded will change from day-to-day based on approval rates, statistics are provided for the last five business days.

Oxford University Press

The 2022 cap on this agreement is 790 articles.

Springer Nature

The 2022 cap on this agreement is 3,373 articles.

Please note: The cap has been exceeded and no further articles will be eligible for open access under this agreement.

The new cap for 2023 will apply to any articles accepted from 1 January 2023 onwards.


The 2022 cap on this agreement is 6,388 articles.

Please note: There has been a recent increase in approval numbers and if this continues, it is possible the cap will be exceeded before the end of 2022.


Publishing reports

Publishing reports for the three capped agreements with Wiley, Springer Nature and Oxford University Press are now available via CAUL's Tableau Online instance to Member institution staff with a CAUL Tableau licence. The dashboards are refreshed monthly as data is made available via publishers. 

Each CAUL Member institution is allocated one Tableau Online licence as part of the membership inclusions. Member institutions can purchase additional Tableau online licences at a cost of $195 per licence. To arrange additional licences, please complete the additional licence request form.

External Consortium Members can request a licence for Tableau via the Tableau licence request form for external members.

Dashboards for non-capped agreements will be added in the second half of 2022.