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Read & Publish Agreements Negotiated by CAUL


Capped agreement approval statistics

Approval and rejection statistics for capped agreements negotiated by CAUL are provided below to support institutions with monitoring the status of the caps. As the predicted date the cap will be exceeded will change from day-to-day based on approval rates, statistics are provided for the last five business days.

Oxford University Press

The article cap in 2023 is 932 articles.

Springer Nature

The 2024 cap on this agreement is 3,509 articles.


The article cap in 2024 is 6,900 articles.


The 2024 cap on this agreement is 10,440 articles.

Taylor & Francis

The article cap in 2024 is 3,850 articles.


The article cap in 2023 is 363 articles.


Publishing reports

Publishing reports for the capped agreements are now available via CAUL's Tableau Online instance to Member institution staff with a CAUL Tableau licence. The dashboards are refreshed as data is made available via publishers. 

Tableau Licences

Each CAUL Member institution is allocated one Tableau Online licence as part of the membership inclusions. Member institutions can purchase additional Tableau online licences at a cost of $190 USD per licence. To arrange additional licences, please complete the additional licence request form.

External Consortium Members can request a licence for Tableau via the Tableau licence request form for external members.

Latest data

The table below outlines the latest data available for all publishers.

Publishers Report frequency Last updated Notes
AIP Publishing Annually    
Brill Quarterly 19/12/2023  
Cambridge University Press Quarterly 19/12/2023  
The Company of Biologists Annually 20/3/2023  
CSIRO Publishing Annually 20/12/2023  
De Gruyter Monthly 19/12/2023  
Elsevier Monthly 19/12/2023  
Future Science Group Six monthly 20/12/2023  
The Geological Society Six monthly 6/9/2023  
IOP Publishing Quarterly 20/12/2023  
IWA Publishing Quarterly 23/8/2023  
Karger Publishers Quarterly 19/12/2023  
MA Healthcare Annually 20/3/2023  
Microbiology Society Annually 22/3/2023  
Oxford University Press Monthly 20/12/2023  
Portland Press Annually 23/3/2023  
The Royal Society Quarterly 19/12/2023  
SAGE Monthly 20/12/2023  
Springer Nature Monthly 19/12/2023  
Taylor & Francis Monthly 20/12/2023  
Wiley (includes Hindawi) Monthly 20/12/2023  

Understanding the Tableau Data

The following resources are provided to assist libraries with using and interpreting the data provided via Tableau.

  • Article level metadata template - library version: This is an annotated copy of the template that CAUL asks publishers to use to provide their data. Note that not all data is provided in this template, but all files supplied by publishers are mapped to this template. This annotated version shows how fields on the template may to fields in Tableau.
  • Tableau data rules: This page explains the rules that govern the way data is used in the Tableau reports.

Reporting article affiliation issues

Please report article affiliation issues using the form below, or alternatively access the form directly to submit your corrections. You will be required to create an account to submit any affiliation changes.