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Open Educational Resource Collective Administration Guide for Library Staff


Communities of Practice

Sign Up for the Academic Authors Community of Practice

To join the Academic Authors Community of Practice, authors must complete the Author Onboarding Form.

Please note: Library staff are advised to contact their designated Institutional Contact before providing authors with a link to the onboarding form. Institutions are responsible for self-managing which authors are participating in the Community of Practice.

Sign Up for the Library Staff Community of Practice

To join the Library Staff Community of Practice, sign up for the email list. Your request to join the list will be reviewed by CAUL National Office, at which time you will also be provided with a link access the Slack channel.


Request a Pressbooks Shell for an Open Textbook Project

You should request a Pressbooks shell when your authors are ready to start entering their content into Pressbooks.

To request a Pressbooks shell, complete the Pressbooks Shell Request Form.

Please note:

  • This form must be completed by a designated Institutional Contact.
  • Shells should only be requested once an author is ready to start working in Pressbooks.
  • Once a shell is allocated to an author, it cannot be reallocated.
  • Allocation includes 2 shells per institution (Collective Pressbook User participation category only) plus 1 complementary shell per winning grant entry.
  • Additional shells (up to a maximum of 2 per institution can be requested with the form above; USD 500.00 per shell).

Request Access to the Pressbooks Sandpit Textbook 

Library staff and authors can be added to a Pressbooks sandpit textbook to allow them to gain familiarity with the platform. To get access, complete the request to be added to Pressbooks sandpit book form. Requests are processed weekly on a Monday. 

Request a Pressbooks Account - Academic Authors

Academic authors' Pressbook accounts will be set up automatically when their book shell is created.

Request to Publish

Once you have reviewed the Publish in Pressbooks guide and you are ready to publish, submit the Request to Publish form. CAUL will complete final checks before publishing your textbook (please allow three weeks minimum).

Your institution (the publisher) and CAUL (the platform provider via Pressbooks) have rights and responsibilities regarding the publishing of textbooks on the OER Collective platform.  

CAUL is responsible for the final step in the publishing process: switching the textbook from 'private' to 'public'.