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Open Educational Resource Collective Administration Guide for Library Staff

Grants Program

Information about the Collective grants program can be found on the OER Collective website


Grants Administration

Memorandum of Understanding

Recipients of OER Collective grants are required to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with CAUL. Download the MOU template.


Information for Libraries with 2022 Grants

Supporting your Team to Meet Their Milestone Requirements

Milestone Requirements

All project teams are required to publish four chapters of their book by 28 February 2023. 'Published' means:

  • The book is publicly visible on the Collective website, accessible via a URL. It will not be added to the catalogue unless requested by the project team.
  • The chapters should have had a publication quality review (incorporating a review of copyright; licence compatibility; structure and layout; links, embedded media and content; and accessibility) but do not need to be peer reviewed at this stage. Peer review can be done once the full book is completed. 
  • Further quality review and changes can be made to the content after the chapters are published.

If the team cannot meet the deadline, the Institutional Contact (library staff member) must apply for an extension request by Friday 17 February 2022. The standard extension period is two months.

Submitting the Request to Publish Form

The Request to Publish form must be submitted by the Institutional Contact (library staff member) book's due date (either 28 February or the extended deadline). In the three weeks post-submission, CAUL will review the book and its settings and make it public on Pressbooks.

Recommendations for Publishing a Portion of Your Book

Many authors are not ready to publish their entire book and will instead only meet the requirement to publish four chapters by the due date. We recommend authors take the following actions to signal to readers that the book will be released in stages:

  1. Add a prominent note (for example, using a textbox) on the first content page of the book to indicate that the book is being released in stages. They should also indicate that the book has not yet been peer reviewed.
  2. Add a versioning page (here's a great example) to the book where you indicate when different versions of the book were released.

Don't forget, the book will only be accessible via the URL, not in the catalogue (unless the authors ask to have the book in the catalogue).