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Open Educational Resource Collective Administration Guide for Library Staff


Institutional Contacts

Each institution has a nominated Institutional Contact who is responsible for liaison between CAUL National Office and their institution. 

OER Collective Pilot Project Team

The OER Collective Pilot Project was designed and developed by a Project Team who continue to be involved in facilitating and supporting the Communities of Practice and developing documentation to support the OER Collective Publishing Workflow.

OER Collective Governance Group

The OER Collective Governance Group has overarching responsibility for governance of and decision making related to the OER Collective. The Governance Group is comprised of six senior staff representatives from participating CAUL Member institutions, in addition to the Program Director, Enabling a Modern Curriculum (who chairs the group), the OER Collective Pilot Project Project Lead, and CAUL's Director, Strategy & Analytics.

Library Staff Representatives on the Academic Authors Community of Practice

Each CAUL Member institution has one nominated library staff representative who participates in the Academic Authors Community of Practice.

CAUL National Office

CAUL National Office is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the OER Collective. If you have any administrative questions email