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Students as Partners Toolkit


About the Toolkit


The Students as Partners Toolkit was created by the CAUL SaP Project Team, comprising of representatives across the Council of Australian University Librarians.

The project team comprised:

  • Dr Mollie Dollinger, Deakin University – Project Lead
  • Daniella Ambriano, University of Technology, Sydney – Author 
  • Kate Conway, Curtin University – Author 
  • Imogen Harris-McNeill, University of Newcastle – Author 
  • Dr Trent Hennessey, University of Melbourne – Author 
  • Dr Karen Miller, Curtin University – Author 
  • Craig Patterson, Deakin University – Author 
  • Wendy Ratcliffe, La Trobe University – Author 
  • Susan Vickery, Macquarie University – Author 

Development Process

The CAUL SaP Project team was established in 2021 to support the creation of library-specific students as partners knowledge and resources. The Project Team worked together to develop the following Toolkit, including drawing on several case studies implemented at project member’s respective institutions. 

The Toolkit was endorsed and supported by Fiona Salisbury, Program Director, CAUL's Enabling a Modern Curriculum program, and Dr Kate Davis, Director, Strategy & Analytics, CAUL. 

We would also like to thank Kerry Bedford, Vanessa Crosby and Daniel Hamilton for their input. 


Except where otherwise noted, all content on the Students as Partners in the Library Toolkit is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 (CC BY 4.0) licence. Under the licence conditions, please attribute Students as Partners Toolkit or use the suggested citation below:

Suggested citation:

Dollinger, M., Ambriano, D., Conway, K., Harris-McNeill, I., Hennessey, T., Miller, K., … & Vickery, S. (2022). Students as Partners Toolkit. Council of Australian University Librarians.