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Open Educational Resources Advocacy Toolkit

Open Educational Resources Advocacy Toolkit 

Introduction to the OER Advocacy Toolkit

OER advocacy process: Understand OER advocacy, Create an action plan for OER advocacy, Target your OER advocacy, Evaluate your OER advocacy.

'OER Advocacy Process' in the CAUL OER Advocacy Toolkit by CAUL, licensed under a CC BY 4.0 licence.

The OER Advocacy Toolkit was created as part of the CAUL Enabling a Modern Curriculum OER Advocacy Project. It was designed as a reference to support academic librarians in advocating for the creation and re-use of open educational resources (OER) at their institution.

The Toolkit contains:

  • information
  • resources
  • checklists
  • practice-based ideas

for communicating with and advocating to OER stakeholders such as academics, librarians, teaching and learning committees and university executives.

OER Advocacy Toolkit Structure

The Toolkit is structured around the four stages of the OER advocacy process:

Each stage ends with an Evaluation Checkpoint to ensure evaluative processes are embedded in each step of your advocacy practice.

Working your way step-by-step through the Toolkit will help you develop a strategically targeted plan for your OER advocacy, however you can engage with the content in whatever order you choose.

All of the resources included in the Toolkit are collated under the Resources for OER Advocacy tab for ease of access.


The OER Advocacy Toolkit assumes you have a foundational understanding of OER before initiating advocacy activities at your institution.

Should you require more in-depth professional learning, we recommend exploring the CAUL OER Collective Publishing Workflow and participating in the (forthcoming – 2022) CAUL OER Professional Development Program.