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Open Research Toolkit

Created by the Open Research Working Group, comprising representatives of the Australian Research Management Society (ARMS) and the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL), the Toolkit supports Australasian institutions to implement or further

Open Research Toolkit



'Open' - research, access, and education - has been gaining momentum in Australia for more than two decades.

CAUL and Open Access Australasia have published a virtual poster summarising progress on open research and open access in Australia over the last 20 years.

Thumbnail image of the poster Connecting the Dots: 20+ Years of Open in Australia. The image is for illustrative purposes and the content is not readable. A link to the full poster and a supplementary web page containing all the content appears below the poster.


You can download the poster and view supplementary information in the guide Connecting the Dots: 20+ Years of Open in Australia.

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